Fun in Bali

Bars and Clubs of Bali

Hard Rock Cafe in BaliMany people know Bali for its serene rice fields and majestic beaches, but those who love the nightlife also consider Bali as the ultimate travel destination thanks to all the great bars and clubs that can also be found on the island.

Kuta Bars and Clubs

Due to the large numbers of bars and clubs in Bali, it can be pretty difficult to choose especially if you have limited time. If you’re after clubbing and drinks, then you should simply concentrate on Kuta, the best place to visit for the Bali nightlife where parties go on until the wee hours of the morning. This is home to several top clubs including:

• Hard Rock Café, situated right at the beginning of the beach road and known for playing great live music from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
• Kori Restaurant and Bar, known for its cigar salon, pool table, and its imported wines and chilled cocktails
• Peanuts Discotheque, known for its huge air-conditioned dance floor
• Casablanca, known for its famous open-air pub and disco areas
• Bounty Ship, strategically located near the center of Kuta and known for its air-conditioned basement disco

Seminyak Bars and Clubs

Bahiana Cafe in BaliAs the center of nighttime entertainment in Bali, Kuta can get crowded and a bit rowdy, so many people have also started flocking to Seminyak where the nightlife is more sophisticated thanks to the many chic bars and restaurants in the area. This is where you can party with the funky creative artists and fashion designers. The dance floor is lively, yet very classy.

In Seminyak, the best bars and clubs are:

• Double Six, known for its large open-air disco and several bars
• Bahiana Bali, a quaint French salsa bar with a festive ambiance and plenty of iconic theme parties such as 80s parties, bikini parties, combined with lots of cocktails and rum
• Ku De Ta, known as the most fashionable bar thanks to its world-class cigars and drinks list plus its high-end Fuente Cigar Lounge

Legian Bars and Clubs

If you have enough time, check out the up-and-coming nightlife destination in Bali – Legian, which is often said to be following in the footsteps of Kuta. The most popular bars and clubs in Legian include:

• Goa 2001
• MBargo
• Bounty Ship
• MyRoom

Although many other bars and clubs are found in the other areas of Bali, these three areas – Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian – have the best atmospheres for partying.