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Scuba Diving in Bali

Bali Scuba DivingWhile Bali is best known for its two extremes – wild parties and serene yoga meditations – it has a lot of other great adventures in between, and one of these is scuba diving. Bali has the best dive sites in Indonesia, which is hardly surprising since the island is often considered as one of the world’s most beautiful. The scuba diving sites in Bali are varied and offer many thrilling adventures for divers; you will see deep drop-offs, coral ridges, steep banks, volcanic outcrops, and beds of seagrass. Bali is also home to one of the most famous wrecks known in the diving community, the USS Liberty, which lies just off the shore of Tulamben. It is best loved among divers because it is relatively easy to access and the water is shallow, so it’s easier to enjoy the sight of the wreck and the myriads of species that thrive on it.

Its diverse and colorful marine life is yet another reason to embrace the scuba diving lifestyle while in Bali. You’ll never get tired of all the frogfish, the seahorses, the bumphead parrotfish, the reef sharks, and the cockatoo leaf fish, which are just some of the truly fascinating ocean species you’ll come across while diving.

If you want to scuba dive in Bali, make sure not to stay in Kuta and Sanur. Although these are the two most popular areas in Bali, they do not offer any good dive sites. The best sites for diving include:

• Nusa Penida, which features Crystal Bay and Blue Corner
• Manta Point and Bat Cave
• Nusa Lembongan
• Tulamben, where the USS Liberty wreck is
• Amed
• Padang Bay or Candidasa
• Blue Lagoon
• Mimang
• Tepekong
• Gili Biaha
• Menjangan
• Secret Bay, where you can spot some weird muck diving critters

Scuba Diving BaliThere are many ways to experience Bali scuba diving. You can join 1-day diving trips or participate in a diving safari, which lasts for several days. These custom tours are widespread in Bali and are very convenient as guides can lead you to the best spots and sights around.

The diving season in Bali runs throughout the entire year, but the best diving conditions are often between April to December, especially June to September, as many sunfish and pelagic fish visit during this time. But if you’re diving between June and September, stay away from Nusa Penida, Amuk Bay, and Padang Bay as they usually have rougher seas due to the dry monsoon winds. After December, on the other hand, rain is often expected, so visibility in most of the top dive sites is reduced.