Fun in Bali

Things to Do in Bali

Bali MeditationIf you want a complete list of the things you can do in Bali, well, the possibilities are just endless. Bali is a hotpot of various offerings: nightclubs, watersports, shopping centers, beaches, and rice fields, among several others. But if you want to experience the true Bali, then you have to narrow your options down to just the most important things you simply must do while in Bali.


Nowadays, this is what you go to Bali to. Everyone needs some time to be quiet and get away from the hustle and the bustle, and Bali is fast becoming known as the best place for doing so. The quaint hill-side town has the perfect atmosphere for hiding away and quieting your mind.


Bali has the most exquisitely patterned bohemian-themed outfits and souvenirs, so don’t go home without buying brightly colored scarves and without donning authentic Balinese clothing.


Although pop culture has made Bali seem like this serene little getaway destination (which it is), the town has a few surprising tricks up its sleeve. Head over to Kuta and be amazed at how Bali transforms at night. There are lots of discotheques and bars full of locals and tourists alike, all dancing and enjoying the best drinks in town. Although this is not for everyone, if you’re into the nightlife, then Bali’s is one experience you should not miss.


Dining is part of any vacation, but in Bali, dining becomes more memorable, thanks to the uniqueness of Bali cuisine. There are a lot of bustling restaurants in Bali; you can choose from high-end gourmet meals, island treats, or authentic Balinese or Asian cuisine. Try them all, if you can, so you will experience the true gastronomic side of the quaint little town.


mount agung climbing BaliIf you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find plenty of it in Bali if you know where to look. In fact, just look up, and you will see Mount Agung, the highest mountain on the island. The mountain is the site of the Temple of Besakih, which is why it is spiritually significant to the locals. Aside from that, the mountain itself is worth a climb thanks to the wonderful view that it offers. Just don’t forget to hire a guide to ensure your safety.


Bali is known for its unique traditional dances, so don’t let your trip go by without doing a little Kecak Dance of your own.


Bali is also most popularly known as the luxury spa destination in South East Asia, thanks to its large array of luxury spas that offer the most exhilarating spa treatments and the most rejuvenating traditional Balinese massage. So go ahead and pamper yourself in Bali; it’s the perfect way to cap off your getaway.