Bali Resorts and Spas

Ubud Hanging Gardens

The Ubud Hanging Gardens is a resort found in Bali, Indonesia. The world-class resort has become renowned for its ‘hanging’ gardens and infinity pools. It is called as such because the resort itself is located in steep rice terraces, creating the illusion that the pools and gardens are actually floating on air.

Ubud Hanging Gardens in BaliInfinity Pools and Gardens. The most striking feature in the resort is a large multi-level infinity pool that are shaped and curved to match the look of the nearby hills. Due to the location, anyone who swims in the pool will be rewarded with great views of the mountains of Bali and the nearby temples such as the ancient Pura Penataran Dalem Segara. In other words, it is tropical paradise at its finest.

Hotel Accommodation. The hotel itself is very lavish. Adorned in iconic Balinese architecture, the rooms are spacious, airy, and welcoming. There are also lots of secluded spots and private decks where you can lounge around and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for those who want to hide away, meditate, and just indulge in the serenity of the Bali hills.

Boutique and Spa. Despite being quite secluded, the Ubud Hanging Gardens resort comes with all the modern facilities found in luxury hotels. Aside from the pool and the gardens, the resort has its own boutique and spa, called the Ayung Spa.

Hanging Garden UbudDining. Once in the resort, you don’t have to leave, as there are in-house dining options to meet your every mood. The Beduur Restaurant serves Asian, western, and Mediterranean cuisine in a five-star menu, while the Diatas Pohon Café is perfect for a laid-back lunch or a quick snack. The Bukit Becik Bar, on the other hand, offers Balinese cocktails and an open terrace where you can unwind under the Bali sky.

Due to everything it offers, the Ubud Hanging Gardens is perfect for honeymooners or couples on a getaway, but they’re also great for families looking for a quiet retreat.