Trip to Bali

Kuta City SideWhen it comes to deciding where to stay in Bali, you have to consider two things: the specific part of Bali you want to explore the most and the hotel that you will check in to.

Although Bali is a small place, it has a wealth of very unique areas that can match every taste. Bali just has a little something to offer to everyone. There are lively parties as well as serene rice fields where you can meditate. There are bars and clubs as well as quiet beaches.

Now, if you’re in Bali to experience its nightlife, you should choose Kuta. The place is overflowing with bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops for you to choose from. There are some prestigious hotels, but plenty of less lavish but more affordable accommodation options abound there as well.

If you’re looking for a less noisy and less crowded place where you can enjoy soft live music, some Salsa, and quiet beachside escapes, you should stay in Seminyak. There are plenty of hotels here that offer comfortable and clean AC rooms with all usual amenities at affordable prices.

For the sports-minded travelers, the water sports in Bali can be found in Nusa Dua, which is located in East Bukit. It’s a great place for families to stay in, and there are lots of beachside resorts to choose from.

Ubud hotels and spasIf your Bali getaway is meant to be an escape from the noise and the bustle of modern life, then it’s Ubud you’re after. Ubud is the center of Bali’s artistic, cultural, and spiritual side. This is where you go to see the serene views of rice fields, to watch the ancient Balinese dance, to observe paintings and sculptures, and to meditate. Ubud is the reason why Bali has become closely associated with yoga, mainly because it is really quiet and thus offers the perfect place for relaxing your mind.

If you can’t make up your mind, then stay in Canggu. Strategically situated between Kuta and the more secluded areas of Bali, Canggu gives you access to both sides of Bali. Nevertheless, Canggu itself has a very carefree atmosphere. You can spend your afternoons surfing, biking around, or having some R&R at any of the many excellent spas in the area.

So go on and start planning the Bali getaway that’s most ideal for you.